Frequently Asked Questions


Q) How much does it cost?

A) Each ticket is $25 and non-refundable. There is special pricing for private adventures and entire facility rentals; call for details.


Q) Is my purchase secure?

A) Yes, when you check out our booking agent’s site implements industry-standard 2048 bit encryption. You will see the symbols for secure purchasing when you get to the checkout page.


Q) Where does the escape room idea come from?

A) Conceived from “escape the room” video game apps, enthusiasts in Asia came up with the idea to try out a real life version. Spreading like wildfire in Asia and Europe starting around 2006, escape rooms began popping up in larger US cities around 2012.


Q) How do I play?

A) You must explore and study your surroundings, uncover clues  and solve devious puzzles as a group in order to earn your freedom within an hour! We’ve created unique environments in which we lock you and other adventurers in a room full of puzzles and challenges, with only your wits, teamwork and brainpower to help you. There is no need to force anything or break anything, but you do need to be curious!


Q) Why choose The Escape Works?

A) Our team of professional artists has themed each of our adventures to make you feel that you have truly left your ordinary life. The adventures are crafted to give you great puzzle experiences with additional atmosphere provided by light and sound effects connected to your actions. This gives our adventures the feeling that you are actually in an electronic game!


Q) Am I really locked in?

A) Yes, strong magnetic locks controlled by keypads do keep you locked in the adventure for one hour (or until you solve the puzzles to find the keypad code). Every room also has a plainly-marked button next to the door to exit in case of an emergency.


Q) What if I want to do this as a celebration for a Birthday/Anniversary/Bachelorette Party and have a special message to put in one of the rooms. Do I need to book a “Private Party” for that?

A) No Private Party needed, but you do need to reserve a room entirely to yourselves (either 6, 8 or 10 people depending on the room), and make a note in the comments section of your reservation. We will take care of the rest! If you want to put something physical in there (like a ring), either arrange to drop it off beforehand or slip it to one of our employees right before.

NOTE: ** We reserve the right to refuse admittance to people appearing visibly intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. In this scenario, you will receive no refund or rescheduling. We take the safety of our staff and other guests very seriously. Trust us, you will do a lot better in the rooms if you have all of your wits about you!


Q) Can I use my cell phone?

A) Nope! We want you to interact with your teammates and work together in order to get out. There are also some puzzles that involve finding information hidden in the room, and cell phones spoil that fun. We also don’t want any photos taken in the room to reveal any of the surprises you will encounter!


Q) Is the location handicapped accessible?

No, unfortunately our historic building does not have an elevator so our second floor location makes it difficult for accessibility.


Q) Will I know everyone in my game room?

A) Two of our adventures are set at a maximum of 10 adventurers. So, if you purchase two tickets you might find yourself with six or eight other adventurers. These people are an asset to your group because it can take many pairs of eyes and different approaches to solve the puzzles. Remember to work together and share any clues you find! Or, feel free to call us if you have 6 – 8 people and want a closed room.


Q) Do I need any special prior puzzle solving experience?

A) Nope. Just be willing to search for hidden clues and related items…and to use your brain! If you are really struggling, you may reach out to the Game Master to offer you a clue and get you moving in the right direction.


Q) What time should I arrive?

A) Please arrive 15 minutes early to sign in and go over a few rules. This is essential to everyone’s experience, especially if you have not reserved the entire room to yourselves! THE DOOR TO THE ROOM LOCKS EXACTLY AT THE TIME YOU SIGNED UP FOR ( does not apply to Private Parties). You may not be permitted into the room if you are late.  THERE ARE NO REFUNDS or RESCHEDULING IN THIS SCENARIO.


Q) What ages can participate?

A) While you can purchase tickets for anyone, the recommended age is 13 and older. There is no inappropriate material, but younger children might have a harder time with the level of our puzzles. Children ages 15 and under must have at least one paying adult over the age of 18 participating with them.


Q) Is there a dress code?

A) We do not have a dress code for participation in an adventure. Wear what is comfortable for you.


Q) Can I do an adventure more than once?

A) You can, but you’ll already know all the answers and that might spoil game play for others trying it for the first time. However, we do have two unique adventures, so come and try your hand at each one! We will periodically be adding and changing our adventures, if you send us your email address (or like us on Facebook) and we will keep you updated.


Q) What about parking?

A) Parking at our facility is absolutely free! On nights and weekends you can park in the Keybank lot behind the building and the garage under the HSBC building. Limited street parking is also available on Stone street as well as the whole Stone Street parking lot.